These hand made porcelain bells are inspired in Western Australian bush nuts and seeds.

In the south-west of Western Australia for more than 45,000 years,Noongar people have lived.

Noongar spirituality lies in the belief of a cultural landscape and the connection between the human and spiritual realms. Everything in our vast landscape has meaning and purpose. Life is a web of inter-relationships where maam and yok(men and women) and nature are partners, and where kura(long ago, the past) is always connected to yey (present).  Noongar connection with nature and boodja (country) signifies a close relationship with spiritual beings associated with the land. We express this through our caring for boodja and observing Noongar lore through an oral tradition of story-telling.

Each of these nuts is different and unique.

nut2 nut3 nut4 nut5 nut1